Vintage TriMet Stuff Wanted

Tri-Met 1047 (October 1986)

This post is devoted to all those TriMet fanatics who have classic route maps and guide books available for me.

The above link takes you to one of those wanted ephemera.

My list of TriMet ephemera wanted:

(All editions dated from 1984 to 1988; these also have a “Do-It-Yourself Trip Planner” towards the end of the book)

(All editions dated from 1970 to 1988)

TRI-MET INDIVIDUAL ROUTE MAPS (preferred up to 1988)

Routes serving downtown Milwaukie:
28-Linwood (1985-1988)
29-Lake/Webster (1985-1988)
31-Estacada (1970-1988)
32-Oatfield (1982-1988)
33-Oregon City (East) (1970-1982)
33-McLoughlin (1982-1988)
34-River Road (1970-1988) (no longer traveled to downtown Portland eff. 9-5-82)
40-Johns Landing (1983-1988)
70-Milwaukie/Swan Island (1980-1982)
70-12th Avenue (1982-1988)
75-39th Avenue (1979-1982)
75-39th Avenue/Lombard (1982-1988)
76-King Road (1981-1985)
78-Linwood (1981-1985)
93-Oregon City/Swan Island (1979-1980)

Frequent service lines:
4-Division (1982-1988)
4-Fessenden (1982-1988)
5-Barbur Blvd. (1984-1986)
5-Hawthorne (1986-1988)
5-Interstate (1982-1988)
6-Union Ave. (1970-1988)
8-Irvington (1970-1982)
8-15th Ave./Willamette (1982-1983)
8-(NE) 15th Ave. (1983-1988)
8-Jackson Park (1970-1988)
9-Powell (1970-1988)
12-Barbur Blvd. (1986-1988)
12-Beaumont (1970-1982)
12-Foster Rd. (1970-1982)
12-Sandy Blvd. (1986-1988)
14-Hawthorne (1982-1986)
14-Sandy Blvd. (1970-1986)
15-Mt. Tabor (1986-1988)
15-NW 23rd Ave. (1986-1988)
19-Hawthorne (1970-1977)
19-Division (1977-1982)
33-Oregon City (East) (1970-1982)
33-McLoughlin (1982-1988)
53-23rd Ave. (1970-1986)
54-Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. (1979-1988)
56-Washington Square (1979-1982)
56-Scholls Ferry Rd. (1982-1988)
72-82nd Ave. (c. 1970-1986)
72-Killingsworth/82nd Avenue (1986-1988)

I could list some more but I do not want to overload this blog post just to do so.

Thank you,

Benjamin “Ben” Edge


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